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The Center for REALTOR® Technology is a technology exploration & think tank group at NAR.

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Educate REALTORS® on new and emerging technologies that will help them with their business. CRT strives to help REALTORS® and Associations learn how to responsibly use technology and maximize its potential to help them in their daily business.

We are an outward facing department within NAR, whose main function is to be a member resource, advancing technology adoption in the Real Estate industry technology by:



CRT has a diverse range of projects its worked on. We've helped implement several Drupal sites for NAR and are maintaining the blogs as well. Last year, CRT implemented a site for members that allows them to recommend apps and earn from other members what apps are good for the real estate workflow. The site, REpurposedApps, is free to all members.


CRT will produce 12 white papers this year in order to help REALTORS®, Associations, MLSs, vendors and anyone interested in the real estate space understand and explore a wide variety of technology topics and how they apply to our industry. Our first paper on Responsive Web Design was released in February of 2014. Check our blog for the latest information on these.


CRT's blog is a great place to learn about everyday technology use, as well as emerging technologies, like smart home devices, apps, wearables, and everything in between. We have a few new series that we are excited about and are putting


As part of its effort to learn and grow as part of a community, CRT hosts local meet ups on various topics. Currently, CRT is hosting meetups for:

If you have a meet up group and are interested in finding out more about CRT hosting it, contact us here.


CRT is available for presentations to associations on technology topics of any sort. Members of CRT have spoken on topics like:

If you have an upcoming meeting or event and would like us to present, reach out here. CRT is presenting at several TechEdge events this year.


When you're interested in new technology and want to know more but don't have the time to find out more, CRT can help. We will explore topics for Associations and members of NAR. If you need help, write us here.


ezRETSis an ODBC driver that connects to RETS servers. It is licensed under an open-source license. It allows ODBC-aware applications, such as Microsoft Office (Excel, Word,) to easily load data from a RETS compliant server using those applications built-in wizards and other tools.

ezRETS Mailing List

libRETS is a RETS client library written in C++ that allows rapid development of RETS client applications. By saving the developer from dealing with the RETS protocol details, the application writer can concentrate on their application, saving them time and money in the process. It is released under a BSD-style license.

libRETS Mailing List


Our team is comprised of a diverse set of people who love technology and thinking about how to help REALTORS® make the most of its potential.

Chad Curry
Managing Director

Chad has been Managing Director of CRT since July 2011. During that time, he's helped CRT rework their mission and focus on NAR's web properties, including realtor.org. Chad is also a Board Member for the Real Estate Standards Organization, or RESO, which oversees the RETS standard and works to improve data transfer in the real estate industry.

He's spoken at many industry events and is available for presentations on emerging technologies, like smart home devices, wearables, green technologies, web development, responsive web design, mobile devices and predictive analytics.

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Sean Charles
Senior Drupal Architect

As Senior Drupal Architect, Sean gets to put his years of Drupal experience to use in new and innovative ways, directly benefiting REALTORS®. Drupal has given CRT the ability to do things with content previously impossible under legacy content management systems and will continue to provide the edge as we venture the future of innovation within the REALTOR® space. Sean attends Drupal conferences, camps and meet ups, contributing to Drupal 8 and connecting with other Drupal developers. Sean.

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J. Sibley
Systems Engineer

Erlang enthusiast. Electronics geek. Robot builder. Micro-controller freak. Shredder.

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Greg Stinton
Lead Web Software Developer

As Lead Web Software Developer, Greg oversees various elements of the authoring and publishing environments of realtor.org and REALTOR® Magazine Online. He also works diligently to provide REALTOR® staff and members with the most cutting edge information from the technology industry.

Recently, Greg played a major role in the re-architecting of REALTOR® Magazine Online and realtor.org. He was the team lead and responsible for the visual design of the recently launched REpurposed Apps. He has spoken on a number of topics including information security, social media, and mobile computing.

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Joe Sullivan
UX Designer/Developer

Joe has been with NAR since 2004. Before that, he worked at Encyclopaedia Britannica and Microsoft. He has a Masters Degree in Philosophy from Loyola University in Chicago. Joe works with departments across NAR to make their web sites and apps user-friendly.

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