The Center for REALTOR® Technology’s (CRT) goal is to serve the REALTOR® membership as an industry advocate, an implementation consultant and a technology resource.

We will also directly support the NAR Leadership Team's initiatives, technology agenda and their negotiations with potential providers to REALTOR® members.

We are an outward facing department within NAR, whose main function is to be a member resource, advancing technology adoption in the Real Estate industry technology by:

  • Assist in the transformation of the Real Estate Industry through NAR member adoption of advanced technology through developing a technology agenda for the NAR and its members.
  • Promoting the agenda of the NAR to major technology vendors, advocating their involvement and inviting their participation in the development of technology and application relevant to the membership of NAR.
  • Keeping the NAR abreast of technological developments relevant to the real estate industry by evaluating the latest technology tools and methodologies.
  • Informing NAR members about the benefits, efficiency and increased value they deliver to their clients through the understanding and use of advanced technology.